Longbow for Realsense

Longbow is a fun and challenging 3D archery game for RealSense cameras.

Adjust your aim, draw your arrow, and strike distant targets to score big!

Shoot for the bullseye in the village, castle, or forest. You’ll need to consider the wind and distance to consistently score high! Can you shoot an apple off someone’s head? Turn a scarecrow into a pin cushion? These challenges and more await!

How To Play

Longbow uses the Realsense camera to track the positions of your hands. Raise a hand to the camera and you’ll be able to adjust the aim of your bow. With your second hand, you can draw the arrow back. Once it’s pulled back entirely, the arrow will release and shoot towards the target.

You need to aim high to compensate for gravity and the current wind speed (displayed in the top left corner of the screen.)

After three rounds, you have the chance to shoot an apple off the top of your assistant’s head!

Certainly after firing a few arrows you’re entirely qualified to shoot fruit off the top of a narrow, highly sensitive, and reportedly essential part of the human physique.

Longbow is free!

Download here!